Trevor Hicks

Trevor Hicks is an organist, vocalist, pianist, composer and arranger. His musical styles are diverse, covering everything from sacred music to musical theater, pop/rock to classical, from patriotic to jazz standards. Trevor began his musical journey as a vocalist from an early age. Says Trevor, "When I wasn't talking, I was singing." Beginning in his late-teen years, Trevor worked with private vocal teachers to become the classically trained vocalist he is today. His one-of-a-kind voice has earned him rave reviews in concerts, performances and in divine worship.

His senior kindergarten teacher remarked on one of his report cards that the five-year-old Trevor would imitate the songs that the class sang together on the classroom piano. Just four years later, at the age of nine, he expressed interest in taking music lessons because he wanted to learn how to play an electronic keyboard he was gifted. He began his lessons on the electric keyboard, but his instructor thought that he would be better suited to an acoustic piano, and thus he began piano lessons.

A member of the Lutheran church from the age of seven, he had always been fascinated by the organ. He recalls, "I wasn't really interested in what has happening at the front of the church. I spent most of the time looking behind me and up at the organist at the organ console in the balcony." At age of thirteen, the organist allowed him to try the organ and through her mentoring and his own instruction, he learned how to play it. This has led Trevor to accompany worship at many churches, accumulating in almost two decades of experience as a church musician. The church has been a major influence in his musicality, from his compositions to sermons - most of them musically themed - that he has preached when invited to do so.

As a recording artist, his upcoming album, Soul of a Patriot, is expected to be released to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks. Soul of a Patriot has evolved over time and is set to feature a collection of original hymns and songs of faith and nation, including his original musical setting of "In Flanders Fields" (available now as the albums second single), in addition to an eclectic assortment of national anthems and patriotic songs from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany and Russia. Every orchestral arrangement on Soul of a Patriot was arranged by Trevor specifically for this album.

Besides his compositions reflecting on 9/11 that will appear on Soul of a Patriot, Trevor Hicks is the composer of a variety of works from songs in popular styles to a Broadway-styled, one-man musical entitled The New WorldThe New World premiered in November of 2013 to excellent reviews and is currently being redeveloped and undergoing revisions for a future recording and new production. A lifelong Christian, he is the composer of many choral anthems and organ works, some of which are now and many more will be soon become available for sale through Trevor Hicks Compositions. Trevor Hicks Compositions was founded by Trevor to sell his music "for all God's people" and is the only official source for his sacred music compositions. See the main menu and select Trevor Hicks Compositions for more information.


Photo Credit: Trevor Hicks

At the console of the Ruffatti organ, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (May 2017)